Monday, November 19, 2007


Ha! As if you don't know enough weird or random things about me already. We can all thank Heidi for forcing me to unburden myself in this way. Before I start on this thing, I have to urge you to check out Heidi's original post with this meme, because DUDE - THE PICTURES WITH THE ANIMALS? Totally priceless (and adorable) - especially the PJ's she's sporting in the pic with the goats. Love me some onesie pajamas!

So - I'm requested to list 7 weird or random things about me.

Let's talk about Lego people. (Yes, the little guys in Lego sets with the yellow oblong heads and the square feet.) I went through a phase when I was THIRTEEN-- or older? Stacie, were we older than that? Man, good thing I had a friend who was as weird and dorky as I was. Anyway, Stacie and I, at some indeterminate age, would tie my younger brother's Lego people into our shoes. We'd sort of harness them into our shoelaces. They lost a lot of heads that way.

I have a milk phobia. A very specific milk phobia. I will only consume it if I bought it. And if it's stored in my own refrigerator.

At one point in time, I was the proud owner (breeder???) of no less than 48 hamsters. Yes, FOUR DOZEN little rodents. I was just so gosh-darn excited about getting the little hairy beasts together and having them start little families of their own (who cares if they were brother and sister? INCEST DOESN'T EXIST IN THE HAMSTER WORLD!). It got out of hand, naturally, and my parents forced me to give most of them away... my own little hamster adoption agency, born out of my desire to repopulate the hamster world. Out of the original group, I kept about 8. One of them was Scroungie, by far the most long-suffering and patient creature ever to walk the earth. Of course, it could have been ALL THE INBREEDING, and he was just the hamster equivalent of Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel. That, or he just LOVED ME UNCONDITIONALLY, which is of course what I choose to believe. Imagine, if you will, a brownish-whitish little creature with long hair like this guy... sort of all over the place. Anyway, I dressed him up in outfits I made out of scraps of felt. I gave him baths in the sink (watching a hamster swim? FANTASTIC.) I carried him around in my pocket. After I pulled him out of my parka pocket at my older brother's high school basketball game, my mom started to actually PAT ME DOWN before we left the house. Scroungie outlived most of his family, living to the ripe-old age of 5 (unheard of for a hamster). RIP, little dude.

I was one of the speakers at my high school graduation. I was not the valedictorian. I'm pretty smart, but I didn't fully apply myself in high school and we didn't really have a valedictorian anyway. In my speech, I quoted Robert Fulghum, and said something about stars burning in the ether.

I write poetry, and was active in the Seattle Poetry Slam scene in my wonderfully overly-self-aware, sensitive, angry early 20's. Thankfully, none of my poetry rhymes.

I am an obsessive list-maker. At any point in time, you can probably find no less than five lists in my cavernous handbag.

Given the choice, in 99 out of 100 scenarios, I will always pick vanilla or caramel over chocolate.

For the tag portion of this meme - I'm supposed to tag 7 people to do this, but I LOVE ALL MY CHILDREN EQUALLY AND CANNOT POSSIBLY PICK ONLY 7. That, or I'm just lazy. Instead, being the rebel non-conformist that I am, I'm offering this up to all of you. Respond on your blog and post the link here in comments - or simply give me 7 random items about yourself in the comments. Either way, it's your turn.

(P.S. You cannot simply list yourself 7 times. I tried that, informing Heidi that I was definitely random and most certainly odd.)


Swistle said...

So, this poetry. Is it agonized and dark?

Whimsy said...

OF COURSE IT'S AGONIZED AND DARK. That's a requirement for the whole early-20's angry/self-aware/morose thing.

If I wasn't so self-aware NOW, I'd totally post some of it.

stacie d said...

ok....i'm going to say we were younger than 13 just so we don't look as weird as we really were! i totally forgot about lego men on shoes. wow.

i loved watching scroungie swim in the sink!! that guy was a real champ, he put up with a lot.

maybe my list can include our cabbage patch wedding. haha!!

Whimsy said...

Please, if your list includes the Cabbage Patch wedding - I promise to post a picture of it. WITH THE MATCHING OUTFITS WE WORE.

Dorkiest. Girls. Ever. And I totally love us for that. I really do.

Heidi said...

LOVE it! Awesome meme, Whimsy!

You had hamsters?? So did I! (Not 48, though, that's some serious hamster raising). Um, I'm afraid to ask, but did yours ever eat their young? One of mine did once and it was the worst moment of my young life--I felt so betrayed and horrified! Anyhow, hopefully yours didn't.

I love lists, too! Now I have a Pocket PC to help manage the list-madness, so I have ALL my lists with me at ALL times. Wonderful! :)

Whimsy said...

EWWWW!!!! And YES. One of the hamsters was totally mental and it was simply not a good moment. I'm now thinking of it... and should go scrub out my brain with dishsoap. MUST. THINK. OF. SOMETHING. ELSE.

tearese said...

It was fun learning a little more about you. We totally could have been friends as kids..if I was the type that liked making friends.
I liked watching my turtle swim in the sink, but thats different. I'd fill up both sides, and watch him climb over the middle section and dive into the other side. Yay Mr. Turtleman!
Someone brought hamsters to my class in fifth grade, and it ate its babies there. eeww.

ailene said...

Hahaha... do they have to be weird and odd... or just little known things...?

1. I'm on the National Dean's List... and I'm only a freshman in college... that's unheard of... right? I thought you had to be a senior to make Dean's List.

2. The story of how my husband and I met involves a church dance, motorcycle leathers, a cell phone, a rabid Monty Python bunny, and a chase involving someone jumping on the hood of a moving car.

3. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 21 years old, already married, and had two children.

4. I used to be a small town actress and model (not really random and weird... but a little known fact I guess).

5. I weighed 110 pounds when I met my husband (yes it's true... and now you can believe the model fact... :)) and I weighed about 180 pounds when I delivered my firstborn child.

6. I completed all of my high school classes online except for P.E.. It was through In fact... if you even go to the news page on that site... you'll see an article of when Senator Tracy Eide came to the Internet Academy lab, and there's a picture of the back of my head (with blue extensions in my hair). Here it is... :) I received my diploma about a month after I turned 17.

7. I am currently an RNA through the State of Washington. I worked as a Home Care Aide for Chesterfield Services for about 9 months in the past year, helping elderly and disabled people...

Not so random and weird... but most people probably didn't know most of these things about me... :)