Monday, November 12, 2007

the whimsy on the bus goes up the stairs

How sad is this: Friday, late afternoon. I'm standing at the bus stop with all the other bored commuters heading out of downtown Seattle. In the distance I spy the brand spanking new double-decker commuter bus and I can't contain myself that I'M GOING TO GET TO RIDE THAT HOME. The bus has been around for at least a few weeks now, but Friday was my first chance to ride it. As far as I know, there are only 1 or 2 in circulation (at least the ones heading to my neck of the woods).

So yes, I GOT TO RIDE THE BRAND SPANKING NEW DOUBLE-DECKER COMMUTER BUS. It really was awesome. And I’ve got to tell you – it’s hard to go back to a regular bus. New comfy seats. Sparkling handrails. A cool pocket on the back of the seat. And the 2nd story business? LOVED IT. First of all, I was surprised that there was anyone sitting on the ground level – because I jetted up those little stairs like the wind. Found myself a seat for the ride home. And then proceeded to stare out the window, enjoying my new vantage point.

I present to you,
Whimsy observations from the top floor of the double-decker bus:

- It appears that you are eating CEREAL, WHILE DRIVING YOUR CAR. There are a few driving-suitable foods, and I wouldn't consider A BOWL OF CEREAL to be one of them. Maybe it's just me.

- Dude, your car may be all clean and sparkly on the outside, but you've got some serious filth going on in that back seat of yours. Papers? Various clothing items? I don't think you're one of those unfortunate folks who has to live in their car - because, BMW anyone? ACTUAL DISHES FROM YOUR KITCHEN BELONG IN YOUR KITCHEN. Not your back seat. (Acceptable backseat items include ginormous bottles of Donna Karen Cashmere Mist body wash. Not that I'd know anything about that.)


- Oh, that's so cute. I can tell from your hand gestures that you are holding a lively conversation with the toddler in your back seat. Either that, or you are making lively hand gestures to the other cars in your line of sight. Hmmmm.

Yes, the bus ride was thoroughly enjoyable. It was part one of Friday night. You get part two tomorrow.


tearese said...

whoa, they got a double decker bus! I would've liked to ride that. I wonder if its the same bus I used to ride. Hmm. I always liked riding the bus. Especially the nap part.

Tessie said...

This is awesome! It's like being in LONDON. Although the pocket on the back of the seat sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Whimsy said...

Yes for napping on the bus, highly recommended, though I was so excited to be on the double-decker that I didn't nap at all.

And the pocket on the back of the seat is constructed of that meshy net stuff - the big rope variety, so there are many HOLES and it's also very stretchy. I think that any disasters are avoided with the whole anything-smaller-than-a-large-boulder-would-fall-through-the-mesh thing. I didn't even MENTION the great little hook thing that they have on the back of the seat for a wet umbrella (I thought of it very fondly yesterday morning, as I propped my sopping umbrella between my feet for the bus ride, resulting in Very Wet Feet).

Man, I'm having Double Decker Bus Withdrawl.

ailene said...

That's awesome! I'd love to ride a double decker bus!!! :) Now, if I'm ever in Seattle... I'm going to make sure I steer clear of double decker buses when I'm driving... just in case you're in one of them... spying on me... eek!