Friday, November 2, 2007

slackerly update

Donna Karen Cashmere Mist body wash: Still in the back seat of my car. Is now rolling around on the floor.

Copius bundles of mail in my handbag: Continuing to happily accompany me throughout my day. I will be ridding myself of some of those bits today, but the wad? Is of heinous proportions, and will require a smallish forklift to wedge it out of my bag.

Chip's watch: Let me see... yep, STILL IN MY DRAWER! HELLO LITTLE WATCH!

Ultrasound photos posted: Hmm, I certainly don't see any adorable black and white images of our cute Skeletor child, do you? Let's hope for tomorrow!


Nephew's rain boots: Who are we kidding, people? I'm never getting him these. The size 8's will fit on his little pinky toe by next Halloween, and sadly this year he had to dress as the lesser-known but still hunky Ill-Equipped Fireman: The Fireman That Puts Out Fires With Your Garden Hose Because His Truck Is Broken Down On The Highway And There Aren't Enough Tax Dollars To Buy Him a Decent Pair Of Fireman Footwear.

Unhemmed curtains: Again with the WHO ARE WE KIDDING? If I'm lucky, these babies will hem themselves, because by the time I get around to it, they will have developed a kind of Curtain Artificial Intelligence.

In the spirit of my list, and because I desire to ENTERTAIN YOU - it's your turn: tell me one thing that you'd like to get done, but know it's not going to happen in the next decade; and something that you're sure-as-heck-you-can-bank-on-it going to get done this weekend. We all know what I'm not accomplishing. As for my sure-fire: I'm going with the paying of the bills. Because we like electricity at our house.


The Wife said...

Hmmmm. 1 thing I'd like to get done that's not getting done for a decade. Probably buy real furniture. As opposed to what we have right now. And 1 thing I have to get done this milk. and a bra! Is that too much information?

ailene said...

Oh THANK you for mentioning paying bills! I completely forgot about it! Yes... bills are due... I knew that yesterday... lol. I guess I'll go do that now!

This weekend? I know I'll take a nap... there's Church on Sunday... and I'll likely check this blog again.

What's not going to happen within the next decade? Convincing my husband to get rid of some of the junk that he has that he doesn't need... like old cell phones that don't work anymore... and a flusher from a toilet that he stole a long time ago (before he met me) just for the fun of it. He calls the flusher his "trophy."

There we go!!! :D

Heidi said...

One thing not getting done: a big fancy dinner (hooray for "eat-like-college-kids-Friday-nights").

One thing getting done: velcro-ing all movable objects in my house to their assigned places (I'm on an earthquake-proofing kick).

I hear you on the perpetual pile of mail/stuff not getting done. That's the left corner of my desk. Sigh.

Whimsy said...

Buying milk, various underthings, napping - yes all doable.

VELCROING THINGS DOWN FOR EARTHQUAKE PROOFING? Heidi, you are a hero to us all. Also slightly insane, but still very heroic. Remind me that I want to be at your house when we get a ground rumble.

stacie d said...

i have a bag of clothes for goodwill in my bedroom, right by the door. it taunts me every time i enter or exit my room, begging me to bring it down to the garage to live with the other castaway items that have been waiting for their donation for a long, long time. they won't be going anywhere anytime soon. none of them.

i told myself that i'd sure as heck get my car washed this weekend. but...i also said that the past few weekends. so my sure fire action is also my previous slackerness - does that count?

ailene said...

Ack! I didn't remember that I was supposed to pay my bills until I came and checked your blog!!! Eeek....

angelalois said...

hey ms whimsy -- how about, i've been planning on making this christmas tree skirt for going-on-15 years now. I finally got the stuff and started in 2006. By the rate I'm going, maybe it'll be done by Christmas 2009. Not anytime sooner though. I'm sure of that.

tearese said...

Not getting done.. the two packs of photos I got printed a month ago are still sitting on top of the photo album they're supposed to go in, Elora and Joshua's baby books sorely need to be updated, as does my journal (haven't written since September!). Might get done- Joshua's nails need to be clipped so he quits scratching me, the laundry needs to be folded so I can use the laundry basket when I wash clothes again tomorrow! All the plates are dirty so I guess I'll wash the dishes.

ailene said...

I finally paid the bills today!!! ;) Speaking of baby books... I need to make sure that I get Cadence's together so I don't get her stuff and Anja's stuff mixed up!!! :O