Monday, November 5, 2007

registering a complaint

It's been one of those days where I've actually been required to work - even work hard. It will continue tomorrow, I'm afraid, but first I have to voice a tiny complaint to y'all. I'm sure it's due to my ineptitude with All Things Internet, but for the sake of my sanity, TELL ME SOMEONE, HOW TO FIX THIS.

Lately, I can't seem to control how the lines in my posts are spaced. This is irritating and totally meta to share - talking about the dumb formatting of the blog in the blog itself - but I'm desperate! I like it when the lines are spaced out - like 1 1/2 lines between. But lately, Blogger has really been teasing me, and just randomly removes the soothing 1 1/2 lines and squishes everything together. And I can't fix it. Nothing I do will fix it.

It's enough to make me really really really cranky. HELP ME, INTERNET WIZ KIDS.


ailene said...

I am sorry... I have NO CLUE!!! But wanted to let you know that I read your post!!!

stacie d said...

i believe it is something within the html code for the paragraphs. it would make my brain hurt to try to explain what to look for... maybe someone else knows an easier fix without me having to be all techno-nerd about it?? or maybe you can play around in the "edit html" tab - compare the one you like with the one you don't and you should find what the difference/problem is (like you have time to do that!! ha!).

may the force be with you.

tearese said...

no idea. On my blog, it will sometimes randomly change the font size and it wont change back even though it says its changed back. Super annoying.

Tessie said...

I'm a complete idiot with this stuff too, but when that happens, I switch over to Edit HTML mode and fix it there (just hit enter if you need an extra line or delete line breaks if you have too many lines). That usually works.

Whimsy said...

You really ARE internet WIZ KIDS. Will try fooling with html code. I feel smarter just **saying** "html code". Behold, my brilliance.