Friday, November 16, 2007

on the phone last night, packing up to head home

Chip: What sounds good for dinner? I can pick something up on my way.
Me: ... [thinking]... You know what I want? I want pears. I want to eat a pear that's been cut up and put in a bowl, with a couple pieces of whole wheat toast on the side. Toast - with PEANUT BUTTER.
Chip: But we don't have any pears.
Me: I know. But it's totally what I want. Fruit and toast.
Chip: Is that even a meal?
Me: Yes. Yes it is. I used to eat it on Sunday nights when I was little. Because mom canned her own fruit, we could have a bowl of peaches or a bowl of pears - and TOAST. I want fruit and toast please.
Chip: So - I'm headed to the grocery store to buy pears?
Me: Um, yes? Yes please? If you don't mind?
Chip: [sigh] Yes, that's fine. I'll buy some pears. Do you want anything else?
Me: No. Just pears............... though some cookies also sound nice.


Heidi said...

You are definitely pregnant! :):) (And tagged for "7 weird or random things"... see my blog for the rules).

Tessie said...

I don't know why he's acting all beaten down when HE ASKED. Heh. Good pregnancy story.

Whimsy said...

Heidi - I'm headed over. Can I list myself 7 times, because I'm both weird and random?

Tessie - I sort of feel bad about inserting Chip's sigh. And I know he's totally going to come in here and tell me that he DIDN'T sigh. Hmmm. He **did** get the pears... but I know he was hoping I'd say Barbeque or Mexican. Instead, I ate my pears and toast (THANKS SWEETIE!) and Chip ate... something else. From the fridge. Later, I had him scrub the bathtub with comet because I wanted to take a bath. Instead of just doing the scrub and being done, he did a 2nd wash of the tub with shampoo. Because he didn't want my hindquarters to come into contact with any bleach bits. He's totally forgiven for the "alleged" sigh.

Chip said...

I claim the "sigh".. mostly cuz my concoctions of dinner are usually shot-down (ie: doritos and oreos, rice with soy sauce, cake for breakfast, beans, I could make a whole meal out of condiments if in the right mood, etc...) My simple outrageous ideas usually never make it to the table. Pregnancy is a new philosophy and I do not question the mom to be! I love you

ailene said...

mmm... pears are good!!! :)

tearese said...

Joseph always tells me that stuff I want doesn't constitute a meal. Like, I could totally eat corn chips and salsa for dinner. Or pumpkin pie (its a vegetable!) Or candied yams (I actually had that on Thursday, when he works till midnight. Hehehe!

emilyshaw said...

what a guy! it's fantastic that you have one that will just do as he's told! you're a lucky girl!!

Swistle said...

Oh, that's TOTALLY a meal.

Whimsy said...

Obviously, I totally agree with Swistle.

I am anticipating having this particular meal a couple more times until I run through my supply of pears.


I also totally agree with Emily. I landed a great husband.