Friday, November 9, 2007

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Have I got some RANDOM for you.

Brushes With Celebrity

I was adopted when I was 5-days old. My adopted parents flew from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City to pick me up. They ate at a restaurant at the Salt Lake City airport, a tiny me in their arms. When they tell this story, it's "the restaurant", so this was a time, in the olden days, when there was only ONE restaurant at the airport - no S'barro, no China Garden, no Auntie Annie's Pretzels, no nothing. We sat next to ROBERT REDFORD, who was coming from or going to his ranch at Sundance. Apparently, he remarked that I was a cute baby.

Again, at the airport - Los Angeles International, to be exact. I was 4 or 5 years old. I met ADAM RICH, Nicholas from Eight is Enough. I got his autograph and pasted it on the wall of my bedroom. He and I had the exact same haircut (believe it or not, this is the only picture I could find of little Nicholas - he's down on the far left, sporting MY HAIRCUT).

These entail the full scope of my brushes with celebrity, other than the time that I saw a movie at Beverly Center and sat behind Jerry Seinfeld. I have to say, it totally ruined the movie for me (don't even remember what I saw) because it was a comedy, and I spent the entire time watching to see if Jerry Seinfeld would laugh at the same stuff as me. I do remember that he wore those obnoxious white sneakers. I was (and am) a dork.

Human Tetris

With the television writer's strike going on, what are the chances that they'll bring this comedy gold to american television? Ahhh - never mind. We'd mess it up with super-bendy contestants sporting halter tops.



Four questions to the Jeopardy answer: You will spill Revive vitamin water all over your desk, your computer keyboard, your skirt, and your legs.

- What is the reason for not staying at work past 5pm, especially when you planned to leave work at 4pm?

- What is... why you shouldn't keep an open bottle of Revive vitamin water on your desk?

- What is the reason for not wearing a light khaki-colored pencil skirt that is clearly one of your more favorite maternity skirts (out of your VAST maternity wardrobe)?

- What is... why you should steer clear of sticky beverages in general, especially when 5+ months pregnant, and growing increasingly clumsy?

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!


The Wife said...

Oh my goodness. That video really IS comedy gold. And I am generally very skeptical about these kinds of things...that was so funny!

Whimsy said...

I'm totally going to watch it again, just because. It KILLS me.

ailene said...

That Human Tetris video is awesome!!! Love it!!! I wish I could play!

stacie d said...

i love the randomness of this! and i think we need to pump up your celebrity encounters!! i'm a little spoiled by living in hollywood. i even get repeat offenders! like mark mcgrath (formerly of sugar ray, currently on extra, formerly a big crush of mine, currently not so much) - a couple weeks ago i almost hit him when he crossed in a crosswalk against the light & i was turning then last night i saw him at a concert! i think HE is stalking ME now.

angelalois said...

You LA people always have amazing celebrity stories. I love Sugar Ray!! I knew them even before they were in that Billy Crystal movie. And yes, I'm wondering if I can play human tetris sometime? Anyone want to throw a party?

tearese said...

asian game shows are so weird. Come to think of it, so are some of the MExican ones I've watched since we have free cable in our new apartment.(Name that side of meat anyone?)

Heidi said...

Awesome video! I kept watching one guy over and over because he was so funny! Thanks for the laughs! :) (And sorry about your skirt--I hope it comes out okay).