Monday, November 5, 2007

hopes for a basketball - DASHED

I'm not seeing a basketball anywhere in the vicinity, are you?

The Bean, 22 weeks. Also: the lumpiness, 22 weeks.

In other news: We took the Insane Couples Trip to Ikea on Saturday and purchased The Bean's first piece of furniture, a very cute red dresser. It is adorably residing in its sweet-as-a-button flat-pack box on the floor of her future room. I have hopes that it will be three-dimensional sometime this week.

Annnnnd if you're ever looking for some SERIOUS entertainment, and you have five hours to kill on a Saturday afternoon, head to your local Ikea and take a seat on one of the beds or couches in the "living areas". Bring popcorn. You will have many hours of fun watching hundreds of couples and families in various states of Melt Down while they duke-it-out over the Ivanstrumson or the Corkkkumskils or the Vmwksootsle and how Won't it look just perfect in the living room? By the Skootsku chair that we already have???


ailene said...

Awww... cute belly!!! :)

Tessie said...

You look great! We got AD's furniture at Ikea too, God help us.

Whimsy said...

Ahhhh - thanks!

About the Ikea Furniture Purchase: we don't mind risking our own lives when it comes to rickety furniture for cheap prices, but when it comes to the Bean, we'd been hesitant. The price tag sealed the deal, however. That, and it's RED.