Wednesday, December 5, 2007

a partridge in my favorite kind of tree

I've been visited by the Pear Fairy twice in the past week.

Last Tuesday L gave me a pear. Because she had had two of them ripening at home, and thought I'd like one. I had not mentioned this incident to her, and none of my co-workers read my blog, yet somehow SHE KNEW.

On Monday night, Chip and I went grocery shopping with strict instructions to one another that we NOT buy anything on impulse (a huge problem - on a regular basis we go out to buy paper towels and come home with lots of ...other stuff). The rules were simple: we could get it only if it was on the list. Lo and behold, guess what I DIDN'T get on Monday night because they were not on the list? Yes: PEARS. And I pouted about it all the way home, even as Chip OFFERED TO TURN THE CAR AROUND AND GET ME SOME PEARS. Begging off as "illogical", I said no - and then STILL POUTED. Because I'm twisted and evil that way. (The Chip must love me fiercely because Pregnant Whimsy is also Insane Whimsy.)

So yesterday rolled around and I was sitting at my desk when K walked toward me, a pile of holiday-esque boxes in her arms. "Someone sent this to me - and I've already taken the box of chocolates, but thought you might like the rest?" as she sets down the tower of gifties from Harry & David. I was skeptical, thinking that I didn't really need the fancy mixed nuts, the block of cheese, or the candy-coated dried cherries. (I actually have a whole sub-beef with this as a gift. I mean, I just don't understand giving a block of cheese and a salami to someone for Christmas. Usually the items are over-priced for their quality. And we're not fancy nuts people anyway. Planters? Yes. Something else that I can't pronounce? Not so much. Maybe some people LOVE the cheese/salami combo - but I'm not sure if I've met them. You can see by K's reaction what people really will take from these food gifts: they keep the chocolate and chuck the rest.) Then K says, "We really don't eat pears at my house, so..." My eyes glaze over, eyeing the LARGE BOTTOM BOX and speculating on its inherent pear goodness. Thank you! Yes! I'll gladly take these off your hands! Hand over the cheese, salami, nuts - whatever, JUST GIVE ME THE PEARS!

I'll let you imagine Chip's reaction last night when I walked into the kitchen and handed him a block of cheese. I dove immediately into the LARGE BOX.

I had quite the pear-fest, let me tell you. It was mildly disturbing; I enjoyed the pears so much - juice dripping down my chin, soft flesh literally melting in my mouth. So. Stinking. Good.


tearese said...

mmm, pears. My dad likes those salami and crackers things, but people get them for him all the time because he's hard to shop for. I don't mind sharing someones, but I wouldn't want it for a gift.

ailene said...

You mean like the Hickory Farm stuff? I like that stuff!!!

Hahaha about the pears! I know about the whole "buying on impulse thing." I bought a 1 pound tub of cottage cheese at the store the other day, then ate the whole thing when I got home!!! Imagine if I would have bought a bigger tub! :O

Whimsy said...

Okay- so now I do, apparently, know people who like the salami/meat/cheese gifts. I stand corrected. And also: I'll keep you guys in mind the next time we get one of these items, because they usually end up sitting in our kitchen for weeks on end. We eat the chocolate, graze on the crackers, and the rest just ...sits.

And I didn't know they even HAD a 1-pound tub of cottage cheese. Wow. I'm a little afraid, Ailene.

ailene said...

Actually... I didn't realize it was a one pound tub until I ate it all, and thought "wow, how much did I just eat?"