Monday, December 17, 2007


Friday wasn't so bad. The orange stuff wasn't so bad. It was ...orangey. Like flat orange soda. But thankfully it wasn't syrupy. I can DO orangey without the syrupy.

And now I've exhausted my use of "-y" for the day.

Except for this: Today, being a Monday, is far more Monday-y than normal. Which makes it yucky.


Artemisia said...

It has absolutely been the worst Monday in a long time. Bleh.

Glad to hear the glucose stuff wasn't too gross.

I forgot to mention the other thing that sends me a-gaggin' this time of year: eggnog.


Tessie said...

So I'm assuming everything was AWESOME and TOTALLY FINE. I mean, you don't WRITE like someone with gestational diabetes, but just to make sure.

Thick and sickly sweet would just be too much. Blech. Sickly sweet is bad enough.

Whimsy said...

Oh no no no! Am totally fine! (Though it's a good question: *just how* would someone with gestational diabetes write? Leave out the vowels? Vowels seem a little sugary to me. TOTALLY GIVING YOU A HARD TIME.

But yes, everything is a-okay. Except this day? IS SO AWFUL. Would like to start over tomorrow, please.

Whimsy said...

I also meant to add that eggnog is one of the more hateful and disgusting creations in the universe. I'm already big with the milk phobia - there's no way on this green earth that I'm DRINKING something called EGGNOG. And as much as we LOVE the Chip, he once had me sample a shake he purchased called The Tom & Jerry. The flavor was -you guessed it- EGGNOG. Yuuuuurck.

Artemisia said...


Also - very glad to hear that there is no gestational diabetes going on. Whew! I didn't want to pry. Besides, Tessie does that with so much class! ;-)

ailene said...

I had the fruit punch because I was afraid that the orange kind would taste syrupy... like you said! Glad to know that the orange flavor was okay too!