Tuesday, April 7, 2009

bringing out the best in creamery readers

Well it would appear that you're not a lyrical bunch. But I have my doubts. I've read your comments - your lovely lovely beautifully written and also so very funny comments. So I know you can write an Ode to a Breakfast Food, an Ode you could write in your SLEEP. I am thinking that I need to make this a COMPETITION, which would then entice you to write an Ode of Your Own. Hmm. Henceforth, I am declaring it POETRY WEEK at The Creamery.

Here's the deal: you write a ditty, a po-em, a bit, a tiny piece of your heart, something funny, something sweet, something DRAMATIC, something that tells me how you simply CANNOT write worth a darn, something that's none of these things at all. Just write in on this post and you will be entered to win a little SOMETHING from me. I am thinking along the lines of Easter package/perhaps something from my upcoming trip to North Carolina.

Dear Alice and Angela Lois are already entered, as you can see (and seriously - LOVED both dedications to food). Now it's YOUR turn. The giveaway will run until 8pm PST Sunday, and I'll use the much-lauded Random Number Generator to pick a winner. Go!

1 comment:

Alice said...

oh come on kids... let's have it... i want to see more poetry as shamelessly bad as mine!! :-)