Wednesday, April 8, 2009

more weirdness from the road

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So this picture has nothing to do with this post. But it's
so irresistibly cute - with the Alice eating a cracker and all...
Really, who can blame me?

Alice snores. I know she snores because at least one week out of the month, we sleep in the same room with her, when Alice and I tag along on one of Chip's business trips. The snoring isn't that big of a deal, as it mostly happens when Alice is face-down into her mattress. The biggest deal of sharing a hotel room with a 13-month-old is the fact that her sleep can be somewhat, um, WONKY. Normally when she wakes up, she doesn't see her parents casually sitting FIVE FEET AWAY, soundlessly perusing the Internet on their laptops and/or watching a movie wearing those tiny little earbud earphones (am I the only one whose ears sort of HURT after wearing those things?). So while normally she wakes, she stirs, perhaps she stands up and wails for one of us to come into her room and place her little body back down onto the mattress (with Blankie helpfully covering her face)--- in a hotel room, Alice wakes, she stirs, she stands up, AND LO AND BEHOLD SHE SPIES HER PARENTS A MERE FEW FEET FROM HER AWAITING ARMS. And so begins a long night of me repeatedly laying Alice back into her crib and then walking back to my laptop. And husband.

It's not always so hard, of course. When things work out geographically and whatnot, we can stay at the Embassy Suites which is such a SCORE with the two rooms and all. This trip we are staying in southeast Washington (tri-cities area), and we're at the Hampton Inn. The room is largish, which is nice, but it's just the one room... which means that I broke out into a leeeetle bit of a rash when I started contemplating the upcoming three nights of sleep. Chip attempted to create a helpful SCREEN utilizing a tall lamp, a large green blanket we brought from home, and the wee loveseat. It's adorable but totally ineffective.

For tonight, we're actually considering putting Alice's crib up in the bathroom. I KNOW - CRAZY, RIGHT? But seriously, I think it might be worth the Crazy if it means we can peruse the Internet in peace AND watch Lost. Our contingency bathroom plan, once baby is slumbering peacefully, is to actually go downstairs and use the public restroom. Chip's comment: it should make for a funny story later. I don't know about you, but whenever my solutions involve the phrase "funny story later", I get a little nervous.

So tell me: What are your travel nightmares? What are your best travel solutions (baby-related or otherwise)?


serenity now said...

Travel nightmare: traveling from one coast to the other with a 2-year-old who ends up vomiting about ten times, including the four times in the car on the way to the airport (in a blizzard). Not a good end to a vacation, but we survived. Solution to that? Make sure you have lots of bags, wipes, and change of clothes before you leave. And don't worry about the dirty looks from fellow passengers.

Chip said...

Theoretically , I should achieve Hilton Gold Status by the end of the month. Say hello to free upgrades, and possible more suites! (It should make these family business trips a little more palatable :)

wandering nana said...

As I started reading I was going to suggest moving the crib into the bathroom. You must blog at 3 am as when I get up and look at blogs yours usually says "posted 4 hours ago". My funniest was traveling with 5 children in a little station wagon (old name for vans). We would put the seats down (this is before carseats and seatbelt restrictions) spread blankets and toys and let the girls just lay around as we drove. It was like a traveling Day Care on wheels. We traveled to Washington, Nebraska, California and India this way. It was great.

Alice said...

umm... yeah. considering i travel alone most of the time, that makes EVERYTHING easier :-P

Kristi said...

I am absolutely no help with travel solutions, but I couldn't leave this post without commenting about the GREATNESS of Alice's cheeks. I love them!! I have the overwhelming urge to squeeze!!

stacie d said...

This has nothing to do with children (since I have none) but my travel nightmare is the remote control. I saw a thing about how it's the dirtiest part of a hotel room. Now I have to bring Lysol wipes or I can't watch TV.

artemisia said...

OH, hee! My travel nightmares include hotel rooms with two idiot dogs who inevitably have to get up at 3:00 a.m. to pee when it is -20 degrees and blizzarding. Who them get all shy about peeing on a leash with us "watching," or rather, desperately pleading with them to just get their business done.

Alice's cheeks LOOK VERY YUMMY.

tearese said...

I hate hotel sleeping with the babies. Ugh. No sleep for mom. The last two times we went anywhere, I slept in the bed with Elora,and Joseph slept with Josh. In the night, we try to move josh to a crib or the other bed, but he always wakes up after a few hours and we end up back in the two beds again.
Daddy sleeps through it all of course.

Spadoman said...

My only nightmare about traveling is not being able to travel at all.

parkingathome said...

a) baby hands holding foodstuffs- so cute
b)snoring babies- he he
c) no you are not the only one who hurts from earbuds. I use the over the ear things that don't go in all the way. I HATE earbuds
d) I keep typing earbuts
e) I've heard of a lot of people putting baby in the bathroom. Don't feel silly, it's a good idea.

KAY said...

Okay, how did Wandering Nana's station wagon make it to INDIA?!? {I'm imagining the Weasleys' Anglia.}
Anyway, when we were in temporary housing during the Great Relocation of Y2K, the kids lived in the closets. DD1 preferred the walk-in closet over the room. The twin mattress fit in, so if it made her happy... DD2 got the small-ish walk-in closet in our room. I don't think she liked it, but it worked out great for us. Hmm, you don't think this has anything to do with her fear of dark, cramped spaces?