Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the man in the paper mask

The last couple of days, I've been in a weird and low sort of mood. It isn't anything major, I just feel funky. In response to The Funk, I am giving myself permission to post whatever I want. And I'll get to the Other Stuff eventually. Or not at all. You know, whatever works.

And the swine flu? I am having a hard time contemplating bad news like that. It has me wondering if the wearing of surgical masks in public is finally going to cross over from a suggested-thing-to-do-in-hospitals-and-doctor's-offices-but-no-one-ever-does-it-because-they-feel-ridiculous thing to a yes-we-are-people-who-wear-surgical-masks-in-public-and-it's-absolutely-normal thing. Reminds me of a flight I took last summer to Utah. Alice and I were flying alone, and there was a guy across the aisle who was doing his level best to entertain Alice with his immensely furry eyebrows. He was wearing a surgical mask. At one point, a lady walked down the aisle past us. The guys pulls down his mask and looks at me, "Did you see that lady?" he asked. I told him yes, of course. And he goes, "That's my wife. She doesn't want to sit next to me when I'm wearing a mask. Says I look ridiculous. I told her I didn't care, I just didn't want to get sick again." Every time I see surgical masks I think of that guy.


Chelle said...

Being in a funk - bummer.
Swine flu - weird.
Weird guy on the plane - funny.
Wife not wanting to sit by her weird guy on the plane, wearing surgical mask - hilarious.

KAY said...

Sorry to hear about the funk. I hope LOST lifts yoru spirits!

It sort of makes sense to wear the surgical mask in the flying tin tube.. It will be quite the era when wearing surgical masks about town is the norm.

(You find all the interesting people during your air travel experiences!)

Alice said...

haven't they proved that those masks do nothing to prevent airborne germs? aren't they all too teensy and can float thru paper?

oh, swine flu. so far i know of 1 vacation and 1 WEDDING (eep) cancelled as a result.

Eleanor Q. said...

See whenever I see people in surgical masks I wonder what they have and how they got it. Then I scootch waaaay over in my seat and try not to breathe when they cough. Am crazy like that.

Have some ice cream, that always helps with my funk.

stacie d said...

I love that guy.

M said...

Tell Chip, I'm busting out the hand sanitizer for EVERYTHING.

I love you. Call me if you want to talk about The Funk...or if you want me to make you laugh with bizarre things Chris has said lately.

Included: "I thought you liked moving around..."


Spadoman said...

I'm like you, wondering if I should wear one or if we'll all be donning those hideous masks, and do they do any good. I mean, if you don't wash and sanitize your hands, and you gotta itch your nose, under the mask, then you're doomed anyway. And like Alice said:... do they really do any good?"

I go to the VA for a doctors appt. today. No mask, but I will be aware of what I touch and I will sanitize often. I promise.

How serious is this swine flu? It ranges from the sublime 'mention' to the ridiculous outrageous 'take action'. I got an e-mail from a friend that was issued to her from the State, (she works at a state office building in Minnesota)

Spadoman said...

PS sending positive energy for the funk.


wandering nana said...

Hope the funk is doing better.... You chased my funk away with that story. I'm still laughing. I must admit I look at people with the masks and think "Get a Life!" but maybe they knew something.... the interesting part is that he pulled it down to talk to you.... think of how many germs he sucked in.. hehehehehehehehe

Chip said...

The entrepreneur in me think I should market face masks with t-shirts combos that say "I'm not sick, and I don't plan to be!"

tearese said...

when the bird flu was big in asia, I remember seeing footage of everyone there wearing masks in public. So it happens.