Sunday, April 12, 2009


I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you may be wondering why there is a picture of Wandering Nana using a shopvac on my upstairs carpet. Though, I'm sure you're not asking yourself that exact question. Because how are you to know that that's my upstairs carpet (it is) and how are you to know that that's our favorite Wandering Nana (it is)? So. To answer your question: there was something of a flood in the vicinity of my washing machine this afternoon (yes, I was doing laundry on Easter - it is because my husband is out of town on business and really, when you're a girl and a little girl left alone in the house with the husband out of town on business on Easter, what better things are there to do than to do laundry for an upcoming trip to see The Wife in North Carolina). More info on this particular flood: I used every towel in my house to sop up the water. Wandering Nana and her Mister brought a whole bagful of beach towels that we went through rather quickly. We also used the following: two bath mats, a very absorbent throw rug, a half-dozen hand towels, and my pants. The pants were the original liquid-sopping implement because I was wearing them. And I was on my hands and knees trying to stop the flood. The flood that also cascaded in little streams from the upstairs laundry closet through the air vent to the downstairs dining room and kitchen. The ever-Johnny-on-the-spot friend Nathan was also present at this particular manifestation of Lake Whimsy and was doing his best to investigate the air vent situation.

What would I do without good friends like Nathan and Wandering Nana and the Mister? We would float away on a rising tide of wash water (a little sudsy). We would not think of things like using the shopvac to extract as much liquid from the very soppy carpet as possible. We would not set up fans at either end of the hall to dry the carpet. And we would not (now, tonight, as of this writing) be sleeping at the homestead of one Wandering Nana and the Mister. I think they felt that Alice and I were sad and forlorn and sudsy and wet and could use a nice change of scenery (yes, true, all of it). The Nana and the Mister have now fed us (Alice ate a lovely concoction of cheerios, graham crackers, apples, and raisins - I had homemade salsa, chips, and a roast beef sandwich); they are washing and drying the aforementioned copious household towels. And soon I'm off to sleep in their guest room bed, Alice snoring nearby in the pack n play. True friends, absolutely. (Also, note to possibly concerned family members - Hey mom, this is why I didn't call you and dad tonight to wish you a happy Easter. And really, don't worry, I have been assured that it's not so bad - and that we reacted quickly - and that it should all be okay. Deep breath.)

Now that I have entertained you with MY especial Easter story, I'd love to hear yours. And before you go, I'll tell you the winner of the Whimsy Extravaganza Poetry Package Giveaway, and I'm not kidding, I have a witness (Wandering Nana): the winner is none other than... #7 commenter: Chip. Seriously. My husband won. You may stone him later. He will be saving me on the postage (thanks honey, you're awfully thoughtful, aren't you?) - and will get a nice box of fun stuff including cookies from yours truly.

Whimsy out.


The Wife said...

Wow. That really sucks.

And you know, you could just bring DIRTY clothes here and we can wash them when you get here!!!


stacie d said...

You need a SHAM WOW! From the commercial, it looks like you could've sopped all that up with 1 little towel! :)

I had Easter at Mark's parents' house where it was announced that the "Money Bunny" hid eggs in the backyard. I immediately asked if Aunties can participate in the hunt. I was denied.

artemisia said...

Oh, honey - NOOOOO! I am so sorry!

I loved your post about your latest trip, however. Re-read it - you will feel better!

KAY said...

OH NO! I feel your watery pain. What a blessing good friends and homemade salsa are! I hope everything's all dry now.

I never plan for Easter. Aren't I supposed to pick up a ham or something. Didn't do it.. Had an impromptu dinner of Afghan food with the brother, SIL, and an aunt. I like to think the Afghan food plays up the Holy Land during Holy Week..

Poor Wet Whimsy!