Friday, April 10, 2009

why I have nothing to complain about

This has been a good week. Despite multiple trips down to the public bathroom at night (Alice sleeping soundly in our bathroom), despite the one time I had to wear Chip's shoes down to the aforementioned bathroom (my shoes were handily stowed in the hall closet right next to Alice's sound sleeping body - and let me tell you, your husband might say -quoting Shawshank Redemption- "No one ever notices your shoes", but really they DO notice your shoes when you are doing your business in a public restroom and all that the other ladies can SEE is a pair of SIZE 12 MEN'S LOAFERS peeping out from under the bathroom stall), despite Alice's wonky sleeping to begin with, despite a long car ride to get here (and a long car ride back). I have nothing, nothing at all to complain about.

It's been wonderful.

This was the view from our room.

We were on the edge of the Columbia River.

Alice took her first ride on a real live outdoor swing set.

We spent time together as a family (that's Chip's elbow).

Alice caught a ginormous fake fish. (Chip tells me it's a LIFESIZE replica of a sturgeon, which: EW.)

Alice and I spent some time at the riverfront park that was right next to the hotel.

It was sunny.

It was warm.

It was perfect.


Spadoman said...

You wrote: "....and all that the other ladies can SEE is a pair of SIZE 12 MEN'S LOAFERS peeping out from under the bathroom stall),"

Wonder if anyone thought you were that Senator from Idaho, what's his name, Craig? :-)

Glad you had a nice trip. I take that route through the Columbia River Valley a lot when I travel out West.

Cute baby pics too! I'm a Grandpa!

Take care and be well

Swistle said...

That is too big for a fish to be. I declare it.

serenity now said...

Great pics! Glad you had a good time.

stacie d said...

Alice looks absolutely precious and gorgeous (but what's new with that, right?!). What a pretty view, too! I'm glad you're all together. xoxo

Alice said...

whenever i see this pictures of alice i imagine her squealing in glee in most of them. i hope that's really waht's happening :-)

The Wife said...

Oh my osh kosh b'gosh she is GORGEOUS! She is going to SHAME all the NC babies in 8 DAYS!

Amy said...

Alice is a cutie pie!

Glad to hear the bathroom/sleeping sitch is working out. And yes, I totally would notice if there was a pair of mens size 12's in the stall!

Chip said...

What better way to promote your water reacreations by advertising how big the fish are in this particular region.

Despite the warped advertising, that was the coolest park!