Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Why the second post? Because I just had to say this: Me = BIG MOUTH. This is what I get for talking to you yesterday about all the Big Ideas I had to share. I tried to start on something last night and I just... sat there. Stared at screen. Tapped keyboard. And what came to me? A big fat ZERO. I went to sleep and hoped for inspiration. In place of inspiration, I had the dream. It was lovely. Far more lovely than I was able to explain in my post. Want to know why? Because at the time of writing it, Alice was doing these fly-by visits where she'd toddle by, try to bean my keyboard with a toy or random bit of food, then she'd rush off to some other part of the room. Toward the end of the post, Alice decided to get more insistent with her visits and started to reach into the keyboard and push buttons. She wiped out the entire entry more than once. Let's just say by the end of writing it (AGAIN), it was hard to feel warm and fuzzy about Beanhead.

I'm hoping tomorrow will find me in a more writerly mood. Not that I'm making any promises. We know what happens when I do that.


serenity now said...

Well, good on ya' for finishing the post with Alice doing her toddler damage. Beautiful post, btw. It's hard to feel warm and fuzzy towards toddlers sometimes. It's a good thing they're so darn cute!

Alice said...

i have similar post-writing-issues, but due to my cat. she starts off just meowing at me, then yelling at me, then jumping in my lap, then jumping on the keyboard and erasing / adding interesting bits to my posts or emails. i suspect alice is cuter, though.